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flight of fancy

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Lost Postcards

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Somehow, this postcard jumped out of my back pocket as I was walking it to the post office.
I hope it had a fun adventure in the streets of New York.

Early ‘08 sketches

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Wonderlust, Wanderlust

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To wander and to wonder, endlessly and aimlessly.

To be lost and to be found.

Just, to be.

One Laptop Per Child

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I recently stumbled upon a truly fantastic idea, which I’d like to share: One Laptop Per Child is a charitable project which aims to give every child in developing nations a very simple, extremely cheap & durable laptop, thus enabling entire communities to connect to a world of resources.

I really do believe that the greatest way to address poverty is through education; empowering a nation to help itself.

If you can, donate $200 for a laptop.

T-shirts for sale!

speak geek to me
“Talk nerdy to me”

Ready? Jump! Repeat.
“Ready? Jump! Repeat.”



For a bit of fun, I’ve started using RedBubble, a great online service allowing users to sell their illustrations and photos on t-shirts (and framed prints.)

All available as guys & girls fit, in a selection of colours & sizes.


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(I just started writing a CV. Here’s a small excerpt from the “Philosophy and Experience” section. I can’t help but wonder if it’s not too “rant-y”?)

I believe the best designs are those that neither set nor follow trends, but create a mind-space that is both unique and relevant, within which a user can interact with a brand. For this reason, I see it as a great strength to be able to completely adapt to a brand’s individual aesthetic, and be in no way constrained by an overriding ‘personal’ visual language.

Crafty Mask Making

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a little fun for a friend’s 30th birthday dressup…

fold some wire mesh.
cover in strips of damp gluey paper.

Still Waters…

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Things may appear to be all still on this site,
but still waters often run deep:
I’ve been creating in a mad torrent of work.

One of Melbourne’s best web agencies for a host of clients.
Nights & weekends:
Freelance design & development of two e-commerce fashion sites & one art gallery’s site.
Scheduled for mid-late June.

Keep an eye on the portfolio section, lots of new things will be popping up soon!

‘From This Day Forth…’

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The Magnificent King Merley pulled the noise out of the engine of his beloved Maserati and declared “Enough is enough! From this day forth, all unnecessary sound shall be illegal!”

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